What we do

We are looking for projects which:

  • Promote an innovative and new approach to addressing problems

  • Have the promise of achieving sustainable, measurable and quantifiable impacts

  • Have the potential to scale up or be successfully replicated in other settings

  • Demonstrate financial viability and sustainability

  • Have strong, qualified, focused and driven leaders

Grant details:

  • Our mission-aligned grants range from $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 (USD or CDN) and are designed as foundational support for energetic, ambitious, inspired, mindful and creative change makers and leaders across the globe.

  • We focus on individuals or small organizations at an early stage (less than $150,000.00 USD in annual revenues) who are willing to make a real and impactful difference in their communities with pioneering ideas and original thinking.

  • We award our grants based on 1 - the project’s ability to create better opportunities and outcomes for the future, 2 - the capacity for sustainable and measurable impact, and 3 - the abilities and expertise of the project leader.

  • The projects or organizations must be non-profit and non-governmental.

  • We accept applications for funding year-round; however, requests must align with our mission and fit within our­­­­ priority areas (see Funding Priorities).

  • In the longer term, we will consider additional and recurrent funding for an organization/project if we continue to see a real impact and clear progress toward a stated objective.


We look for each grant to help build a successful engine of social change
with impactful results measured by outcomes.

What we do not support:

  • Projects attempting to influence a political campaign or political candidate

  • Projects promoting religious beliefs

  • Projects which use or exploit animals in any form (including the use of animal by-products, i.e. wool, leather…)

  • Projects where the primary beneficiary of the funds is an individual (whether he or she is the grantee)

  • Established organizations or a specific project within an organization which is already widely funded – we want to ensure that the grant has a significant impact on the project

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, ability or sexual orientation

  • Building and capital campaigns

  • Deficit reduction

  • Existing and recurrent operating expenses (such as general office related expenses)

  • Tuition support for students in universities or any post-secondary institution