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Charcoal Briquette Production

Women in Action is community-based organization, based in the Busana sub-county of Uganda, with whom we are partnering to equip up to 120 women and adolescent girls with the skills and equipment to manufacture charcoal briquettes using various organic waste materials mixed in with soil, cassava flour and clay.

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Creating Building Materials from Plastic Waste

The Crusaders for Environmental Protection and Ozone Watch in Cameroon provide durable solid waste management solutions and an alternative to the use of timber by promoting and encouraging the recycling of plastic waste into aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly building materials such as plastic lumber, roofing tiles and pavements.

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Building Efficient Fuel Stoves

The objective of the Namamali Kazi Mashinani self-help group is to improve cooking conditions for women by installing efficient energy saving cooking stoves in poor households in rural Western Kenya, to promote tree planting for increased forest cover for carbon sequestration and to reduce the number of respiratory illnesses in families.

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