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Safe and Clean Drinking Water

Barnabas Project Uganda’s objective is to provide a clean and easily accessible drinking water source to the 2,800 inhabitants of the village of Busoke in Central Uganda. The current water sources are natural free-flowing springs with open access for people and animals. With our support, this community-based organization will build spring boxes to capture, filter and store the water …

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Using Art to Promote Girl Child Rights

We are very proud to support Girls to Lead Africa in their work to sensitize girls, parents, community members and local leaders in the Kanungu District on the dangers of gender-based discrimination and girl child rights abuses through the use of art. This district is located in the western part of Uganda and is a rural, remote, and very hard-to-reach area.

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Menstrual Health Management for Girls

Development Expertise Centre is working with schools in the Buikwe District in Central Uganda to support young girls in understanding and managing their sexuality. Every month, countless girls miss schooldays as a result of menstruation. Although parents are supposed to provide their young daughters with information about their sexuality, they too lack the skills …

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