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Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence

The goal of the Peace and Development Outreach Volunteers in Liberia is to reduce the incidence of sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) and harassment in schools. Most of the abuses and crimes are perpetrated by teachers and male students against girls between the ages of five to fifteen.

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Empowering Women Affected by Ebola

We are proud to collaborate with the Foundation for Women and Children Empowerment located in Liberia to support women recovering from the catastrophic consequences of Ebola by providing them with life-skills in sustainable vegetable garden production for food security and income generation.

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Spreading Compassion

In a world where animals are too often neglected or subjected to wanton cruelty, there are organizations who fight tirelessly to improve the lives of all animals. Our newest Grantee, the Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society, works every day to prevent such cruelty and to promote kindness, respect, caring, and compassion for all animals …

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