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Recycling Human Waste

Lung’anyiro Community Health Works in Kenya is working on recycling and using human urine for the purpose of producing agricultural fertilizer. In the rural communities of Kakamega County, women are responsible for half of the food production, and yet the plots they cultivate are mostly poor and infertile. We are supporting this initiative to provide access to a natural and free supply of fertilizer …

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Organic Farming for Urban Women

We are working with Hawi Women, a community-based organization in Kenya, to introduce healthy and organic farming for women living in urban centers by maximizing the little available space they have for food production. Farming has long been left in the hands of rural communities and large landowners, making vegetables very expensive to purchase for households living in urban slums.

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Managing and Reusing Plastic Waste

The Kishoka Youth Organization located on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Mombasa, Kenya aims to bring young boys and girls together in an effort to reduce idleness by sensitizing them to the dangers of unmanaged plastic waste and its detrimental effect on the environment and empowering them to become environmental advocates.

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