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Micro-Kitchen Gardening for Single Mothers

We are working with Seed For Life Initiative to provide 40 single child mothers in Kasese (Western Uganda) with the skills to establish vegetable micro-kitchen gardens within the small spaces they rent. Child mothers face many different issues resulting from sexual encounters at an early age.

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Combatting Vitamin A Deficiency

98% of the people living in Bungoma County in Western Kenya are small-scale subsistence farmers living on less than $1.50 a day and the majority are malnourished and suffer from food insecurity. Women and children have an especially low social status and very few opportunities for self-determinism. Throughout the region, vitamin A deficiency (VAD) is a major health problem, …

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Empowering Women Affected by Ebola

We are proud to collaborate with the Foundation for Women and Children Empowerment located in Liberia to support women recovering from the catastrophic consequences of Ebola by providing them with life-skills in sustainable vegetable garden production for food security and income generation.

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