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The Truth about Eggs

We are very excited to announce that we are supporting in their multi-channel advertising campaign to create awareness around the plight of egg-laying hens in Canadian industrialized egg production. is the only animal advocacy organization that exclusively focuses on eggs, egg production and the negative impact of egg consumption on human health.

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Organic Farming for Urban Women

We are working with Hawi Women, a community-based organization in Kenya, to introduce healthy and organic farming for women living in urban centers by maximizing the little available space they have for food production. Farming has long been left in the hands of rural communities and large landowners, making vegetables very expensive to purchase for households living in urban slums.

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Feeding Orphans and Vulnerable Children

We are so proud to be lending our support to Kassanda Children’s Aid in providing nutritional support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) affected/infected by HIV/AIDS by facilitating the establishment of kitchen gardens in their households. 120 families in the Kassanda District in Eastern Uganda will be trained in organic farming, integrated pest management and simple irrigation techniques.

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