Moringa Seed Water Filters

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We have partnered with Lwasima, a self-help group in the Western province of Kenya, to improve the health of rural populations by providing them access to a sustainable, clean and safe drinking water supply. While millions of people in the developing world do have access to water, in most instances it is unsafe for drinking, causing countless debilitating gastro-intestinal diseases which can lead to death. However, there is no shortage of technology to help people in remote villages to survive and thrive. But even the most effective technology cannot save lives if it is not available at the “right place, right time, and right price”. Lwasima has developed a high quality, simple and affordable water filter and purity solution in the form of a “Moringa filter pack”, constructed using fine river sand mixed in with crushed moringa seeds sewn in a clean cotton cloth and laid at the base of a water container. As water passes through the cloth, dirty particles are filtered out, and the water is purified. This process is repeated twice, and the resulting water is ready to be consumed. Not only are no chemicals and expensive materials required, but it is safe and very simple to make, and the water is purified and filtered completely naturally.