Creating a Safe Space for Maasai Girls and Women

Maasai Girl.jpg

The Maasai society is a very patriarchal society where girls and women often suffer from serious discrimination and are generally disempowered, resulting in forced early marriages, practices of female genital mutilation and regular instances of gender-based violence. One of the biggest challenges for these girls and women is their inability to safely confide in one another and share their frustrations and aspirations, which leads to high rates of girls dropping out of school and many of them feeling hopeless and frustrated. We are partnering with the Enosupukia Youth Empowerment Group in Narok County, Kenya to encourage, empower and guide over 750 women and young girls into achieving their full potential by creating a safe space for where an honest conversation can take place among young girls and women to share their frustrations and seek assistance without fear of discrimination or retaliation. In addition, workshops, forums and open-air outreach events will educate and enlighten parents, opinion leaders and community elders to try and reverse outdated cultural practices that have reduced Maasai women to be completely dependent on men. This project is about instilling hope and encouraging girls and women to pursue their aspirations in a safe and nurturing environment.