Charcoal Briquette Production

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Women in Action is community-based organization, based in the Busana sub-county of Uganda, with whom we are partnering to equip up to 120 women and adolescent girls with the skills and equipment to manufacture charcoal briquettes using various organic waste materials mixed in with soil, cassava flour and clay. Due to the lack of available cooking fuels, virtually all the trees have been cut down for firewood in most of the local communities and there have been no reforestation initiatives. Women and children (who represent 75% of the local population) spend on average over one hour a day looking for firewood. The burnt firewood produces vast amounts of pollution and compromises the health of entire households. According to local district health reports, 50% of children have breathing issues and the very little income families have is spent on health-related expenses. On the other hand, charcoal briquettes produce very little carbon dioxide and pollution. Income generated from the sales of the briquettes will be used to pay primarily for school fees, health expenses and other household costs. Some of the income will be set aside topurchase tree saplings to be planted in areas that have been deforested due to firewood collection.