Holistic Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children


Community Relief and Development Action is a non-profit based in Cameroon whose goal is to provide an inclusive and holistic educational program targeting vulnerable and internally displaced children as well as orphans in the Tiko semi-urban slums. The Tiko community is one of the few places in the South West Region of Cameroon with relative stability ever since the socio-political situation in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon degenerated into armed conflict in 2017. Schools have continued operating there unperturbed compared to many other localities in the region where many children have been forced out of school, which has led to internally-displaced households and educational refugees flooding the community every day in the quest for safety and education. While many privileged children have been relocated to safe Francophone zones, the education of less privileged children in the Anglophone regions is in serious jeopardy. We are very proud to support this organization’s holistic educational program for over 120 children, with a focus on early childhood learning and STEM classes. This unique program also blends in psycho-social and emotional support, helping transform the children morally, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, and incorporates teachings of peace and tolerance which are critical in helping defuse the climate of violence in the region.