Micro-Kitchen Gardening for Single Mothers


We are working with Seed For Life Initiative to provide 40 single child mothers in Kasese (Western Uganda) with the skills to establish vegetable micro-kitchen gardens within the small spaces they rent. Child mothers face many different issues resulting from sexual encounters at an early age. Most of them drop out of school and are later abandoned by their husband and own families as well as by the community which looks down at them as failures. They live in small rental houses and struggle daily to provide their family with food, education and other basic necessities. And because they never finished school and can’t acquire any formal employment, they very often resort to prostitution. The proposed vegetable micro-kitchen gardens will offer these impoverished families a balanced diet to improve their overall health and, through the sale of surplus harvests, will allow them to start small vegetable enterprises to improve their income levels and livelihoods. Through income generation, these women will no longer have to participate in commercial sex work and will be able to access proper medical services and health support. The hope is that they become role models within their community and empower and train other women to follow the same path.