Empowering Women Affected by Ebola


We are proud to collaborate with the Foundation for Women and Children Empowerment located in Liberia to support women recovering from the catastrophic consequences of Ebola by providing them with life-skills in sustainable vegetable garden production for food security and income generation. Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world and empowering women is critical to eradicating poverty and accelerating national and global development. And sustainable agriculture is key to promoting food security and critical to help reduce violence against women and girls. The goal is to break the cycle of dependency and despair and enable the women to have greater control over their lives and enjoy better overall health. 40 most vulnerable women in villages located in Lofa County will be trained on sustainable organic vegetable garden production for food security, income generation and environmental protection, learning how to grow corn, bean, ground-pea, cassava, and peppers. Income generated from the sale of surplus harvests will be shared amongst the women to support the education of their children. The training will be complemented by trauma healing sessions through individual and group counselling.