Protecting the Rights of Children


Community Care Foundation Uganda focuses on sensitizingcommunities on child rights and on equipping these communities with the knowledge to promote and protect the rights of children. In order to achieve this, we are providing our support to facilitate and form eight child right clubs in primary and secondary schools in the Masaka District bringing both girls and boys to discuss and debate the rights of children (with a specific focus on the rights of young girls). In addition, a total of 10 Community Child Protection Committees (CCPCs) will be created to spearhead the protection of the rights of children within the local communities and to refer cases of abuse to police and other relevant authorities. This work will be complemented by working closely with law enforcement and legal agencies to apprehend child right abusers and to influence local policies that promote the rights of children. The goal is to empower children in protecting their own rights and to educate right-holders on how to make duty bearers accountable to their obligations.