The "Factory Farm Experience"


Solutionary Events’ “Factory Farm Experience” is intended to be an educational museum-style exhibit to teach people about the realities of factory farming. The experience is designed to be realistic and yet appropriate for both adults and children and is meant to shine the light on a dark, windowless system. Many people are afraid of watching graphic videos or reading articles about violence toward animals. However, this experience is a life-changing opportunity to walk into a barn/tent full of facts and interactive activities and allows people to educate themselves in a non-judgmental, non-graphic, enlightening environment. Our support will help create a traveling exhibit to be brought to events throughout Florida; it will contain various model enclosures (veal crates, gestation crates, battery cages etc.) which accurately depict a factory farm environment and will be divided into different sections where educational information will be presented. Audio-visual equipment will also be used to display the sounds and sights of a real factory farm. Visitors will be able to fully grasp the magnitude of how their lifestyle choices affect themselves and others and will hopefully stimulate and encourage people's natural sense of compassion and empathy toward all living beings.