Creating Building Materials from Plastic Waste


The Crusaders for Environmental Protection and Ozone Watch in Cameroon provide durable solid waste management solutions and an alternative to the use of timber by promoting and encouraging the recycling of plastic waste into aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly building materials such as plastic lumber, roofing tiles and pavements. The primary objective is to remove over a period of a year 100,000 kilograms of plastic waste in the city of Bamenda which is littering the streets, clogging sewers and encroaching on people’s properties and to use this waste to manufacture plastic building materials. To accomplish this, we are providing our support to empower and train local youth on recycling and manufacturing techniques to produce various materials such as lumber, roofing tiles, pavements, posts, chairs, tables etc. These recycled plastic products do not rot, are termite resistant, outlast timber in application and can be cut, drilled and nailed as easily as timber. The project will promote youth employment by the creation of 50 direct and over 100 indirect jobs. In addition, the community will be sensitized and educated on issues of environmental degradation, waste recycling and the preservation of natural resources through various outreach campaigns.