Recycling Human Waste

May 2019 027.JPG

Lung’anyiro Community Health Works in Kenya is working on recycling and using human urine for the purpose of producing agricultural fertilizer. In the rural communities of Kakamega County, women are responsible for half of the food production, and yet the plots they cultivate are mostly poor and infertile. We are supporting this initiative to provide access to a natural and free supply of fertilizer, with a goal to improve overall soil fertility and increase crop yields by four to five times. 20 women will be trained in urine recycling and crop fertilization techniques and the organization will distribute 150 unisex urinals to households in the community. The trained women will then collect the urine from each home and transport it in plastic containers to the urine processing plant, a greenhouse built to treat urine for pathogens.  The urine is initially sanitized by using a heated pasteurizer, then left to cool and decompose for a period of 30 days after which it is ready for use as a fertilizer. The fertilizer will then be distributed for free to the poor farmers in the community and the subsequent increase in overall crop production will provide food security and additional income to all the farming families.