Meet our 50th Grantee! Saving Madagascar Together.

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We are very proud to announce that we are supporting two big projects from the Mad Dog Initiative, an organization working on the ground in Madagascar: firstly, the organization will expand their environmental-humane education program with the help of the Association Mitsinjo in the central part country, including developing new content for education outreach, supporting teacher-training workshops, creating primary school nature programs (such as tree planting and reforestation) and conservation-oriented festivals, establishing sustainable schools (with solar panels, latrines, handwashing stations, lunch programs and community gardens), and furthering community development by instituting an environmental-humane education program specifically targeted to adults. Secondly, the organization will collaborate with and support Reniala Park at SIB (Société Industrielle du Boina), one of only two centers that house and rehabilitate lemurs that were confiscated by local government officials from the illegal pet trade. They will provide veterinary care and enrichment for individual lemurs, support the rescue and intake of newly rescued individuals, conduct research to gain an understanding of the drivers leading to the illegal extraction of wild lemurs in this region and the desire of locals and expatriates to own lemurs as pets, and develop appropriate conservation messaging, education and outreach materials to raise awareness about this issue.