Creating Culturally Relevant Books


Our newest grantee, Tomorrow’s Stars, is committed to improving educational opportunities for approximately 500 children in Elmina, Ghana. There are currently very few local content books in the schools and community libraries, and this organization firmly believes students deserve to have culturally relevant books they can relate to by seeing children who look like them and reading stories that are meaningful to them. Our support will help provide professional development to tutors who will be taught to write children’s books and who will then create early readers containing photos and illustrations local to the environment for kindergarten and grade 1 students in both English and the local language of Fante. For older students, the tutors will write “A Day in the Life” books exploring various vocational opportunities available in Ghana to inspire students to work hard in school and be hopeful for their future. In addition, we will help publish approximately 300 books so that every child will have access to culturally relevant books at school and at home. Through the use of these books, the hope is that students will be inspired to become readers and acquire a love of learning.