Organic Farming for Urban Women

Hawi Women.jpg

We are working with Hawi Women, a community-based organization in Kenya, to introduce healthy and organic farming for women living in urban centers by maximizing the little available space they have for food production. Farming has long been left in the hands of rural communities and large landowners, making vegetables very expensive to purchase for households living in urban slums. 50 young women living in the Nyalenda slums in Kisumu are going to be trained on converting the little available spaces behind their small houses into small organic vegetable gardens and on how to use their kitchen waste to produce organic manure for their kitchen gardens. During the training, several demonstration nurseries will be set-up across the community. The women will later be given seedlings from these nurseries to plant in their own kitchen gardens and will be tasked to spread their knowledge to other women throughout the slums. Ultimately, the goal is to provide greater food security and encourage healthy eating.