Building Efficient Fuel Stoves

The objective of the Namamali Kazi Mashinani self-help group is to improve cooking conditions for women by installing efficient energy saving cooking stoves in poor households in rural Western Kenya, to promote tree planting for increased forest cover for carbon sequestration and to reduce the number of respiratory illnesses in families. The majority of households are still cooking using open fires, wasting up to 80% of the energy produced while consuming large quantities of fuel wood, leading to deforestation, soil erosion and flooding. In addition, these open fires emit vast amounts of carbon in the air as they are very poorly ventilated, resulting in unsafe health conditions for the entire family. Our support will help train 20 poor women to build highly efficient cooking stoves for families. These stoves burn with very little wood and have a ventilation stack to keep the air quality safe in the home. The construction of the stoves will be done using local labor and materials. Once their training is completed, the women will be tasked with constructing new stoves across their community, targeting primarily poor households. The goal is to build an additional 1,000 stoves over a 12-month period.