Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation


We are working with Aide For Nature and Conservation in Western Uganda to encourage local farmers to grow chili peppers as an appropriate human-elephant conflict mitigation method. Elephants can sense and sniff chilis from very long distances and find their smell very irritating and unpleasant which creates a natural repellent. Human-elephant conflicts are a complex problem which affect both the farmers and elephants as they compete for the same resources and are ultimately a threat to the long-term survival of both humans and elephants. Affected communities have experienced negative effects on their social, economic and cultural life. These conflicts create anger towards elephants because they ruin people’s livelihoods and destroy property. Such anger undermines support for elephant conservation and has led to farmers killing elephants or turning a blind eye to poaching. Local communities will be empowered and trained to grow chili peppers as buffer crops around their farms and villages, which will then be harvested and sold on local markets. In addition, this project will be combined with an advocacy and conservation campaign to promote the protection of elephants.