The Truth about Eggs


We are very excited to announce that we are supporting in their multi-channel advertising campaign to create awareness around the plight of egg-laying hens in Canadian industrialized egg production. is the only animal advocacy organization that exclusively focuses on eggs, egg production and the negative impact of egg consumption on human health. The goals are to draw the general public’s attention to the cruel and inhumane nature of egg production from hatchery to slaughter and to offer consumers plant-based alternatives to chicken eggs. The comprehensive awareness campaign consists of four different elements: ad faces on Toronto transit shelters, a targeted social media ad campaign, a street-level marketing campaign during which a video montage of some of the cruelest practices of egg production will be shown to the general public and during which egg-free starter kits will be handed out, and finally the distribution of 17,500 starter kits in copies of Toronto Star’s Saturday home delivery edition. The starter kits will contain delicious egg-free recipes, information on egg production and a coupon for a discount on a vegan egg alternative. It is time for everyone to learn the horrifying truth about eggs!