Humane Education in Tanzania

Meru Animal Welfare Organization.jpg

Meru Animal Welfare Organization’s goal is to raise awareness amongst children about the humane handling of animals and how to treat animals as sentient beings. Through humane education classes, it seeks to eliminate ignorance and myths about animals which are pervasive in the community. We are collaborating with them to conduct these classes at approximately 17 schools located in the Meru District in Northern Tanzania, reaching up to 350 students per school, aged between 9 and 14 years. Animal welfare clubs will be established in the schools, as well as in animal health colleges, to reinforce awareness and knowledge of animal welfare issues and to ensure the momentum for change is maintained. In addition, we are supporting the deployment of free mobile veterinary clinics throughout the year to treat stray dogs and cats as well as donkeys, and to demonstrate to the community the benefits of improved animal health and welfare. The goal is to raise a kind and compassionate generation with a different perception of the human-animal relationship!