Protecting Beavers


We are proud to offer our support to The Fur-Bearers in their development of a comprehensive step-by-step "how to" manual to educate the government, municipal staff and private landowners about the benefits of beavers and how to build flow devices, exclusion fencing and other non-lethal alternatives to manage problems related to beaver activity. Beavers are a keystone species and the wetlands they create are vital for other species, including humans. In times of drought, forest fires and climate change, keeping fresh water on the land is imperative. Beavers are also curious, hardworking and sentient creatures who suffer terribly in traps and are worthy of protection. Non-lethal options to deal with beavers are available, inexpensive and effective but are not yet well-known by the public. This new manual will not only detail solutions to manage human-beaver interactions but also include a positive message about wildlife coexistence and the importance of the preservation of all ecosystems.