Breaking Silence and Taboos

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Innovative Youth with Action Uganda is launching their “Girl Empowerment Project” with our support. The focus is on breaking the unspoken cultural silence and taboos surrounding menstruation. The project will target 4,500 in-school girls and 2,500 out-of-school girls between the ages of 10 and 17 years, as well as 7,000 men, boys and parents in school communities in Northern Uganda, with an objective of overcoming the stigma associated with menstruation which is one of the leading causes of girls dropping out of school. The organization will contribute to the educational development of girls and women andwill employ a comprehensive approach to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and practices surrounding menstrual health of children, parents, teachers and the entire community through sensitization training and community dialogues. In addition, school girls will be trained on how to make reusable cloth sanitary pads and will be provided with personal dignity items and covered bins for proper disposal of sanitary pads. And very importantly, men and boys will be taught to become involved and supportive of girls during their menstruation.