Restoring the Reefs of Roatan

Bay Islands 1.jpg

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Bay Islands Reef Restoration in Roatan, Honduras. Their goal is to get former fisherman, from the relatively poor Punta Gorda Garifuna community, involved in coral gardening by educating them on the importance of protecting and restoring coral reefs and teaching them how to help clean the nursery and plant corals. The organization is currently growing Elkhorn and Staghorn corals in offshore, in-water coral "tree" nurseries and out-planting nursery-raised corals back on the reef. More than 20 genotypes of Elkhorn and Staghorn coral are being curated and to date, nearly 500 corals have been planted back on the reef. Once their dive training is completed and their coral restoration techniques are perfected, the hope is that these fishermen will become ardent protectors of the reef and lessen their dependency on fishing by being actively involved in the growing diving industry.