Using Art to Promote Girl Child Rights


 We are very proud to support Girls to Lead Africa in their work to sensitize girls, parents, community members and local leaders in the Kanungu District on the dangers of gender-based discrimination and girl child rights abuses through the use of art. This district is located in the western part of Uganda and is a rural, remote, and very hard-to-reach area. Most girls living there don’t know about their rights and most parents still look at girls as property and a source of wealth for the family (girls are forced into early marriages to generate money to pay school fees for their brothers) and consider a girl’s education to be a waste of time and money. Over 200 girls will participate in drama and dance performances and art displays in churches, community centers, markets and trading centres, impacting over 150,000 people. All the performances and displays will carry very strong messages about girl child rights and condemn gender-based discrimination.