Returning Girls with a Disability their Dignity


We are so proud to announce that we are working with the Gifted Community Center in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya to increase enrollment and retention of girls with disabilities in schools. With our support, they will be creating a peer-based network of girls and women with disabilities for economic empowerment and emotional support, advocating for full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the health and education programming, and promoting increased access to sanitary materials, health services and information for girls with disabilities. The objective is to ensure menstrual hygiene practices are taught in schools and are promoted in community settings, that leaders allocate the appropriate funds to provide a safe sanitation infrastructure whilst simultaneously investing in social businesses that provide environmentally sustainable low-cost pads, and that laws are implemented to protect girls from harmful socio-cultural myths surrounding menstruation. To that effect, various information and training sessions and awareness workshops will be organized for the girls as well as for community leaders, health and education officials and members of the government.