Sports for Slum Children


Cesba Kenya’s goal is to enroll children and youth from the slums of Ongata Rongai and Nairobi in sporting and recreational activities. Physical education and engaging in play are key factors in a child’s development, but the majority of kids living in the slums don’t have access to sporting facilities or any kind of social amenities. Participation in sports will enhance the growth and development of cognitive and social skills and is especially critical for youth who are currently engaging in delinquent behaviours. We are providing our support to help 250 needy children who will be given the opportunity to participate in various sports activities such as soccer, table tennis, skating and track & field as well learn how to play chess and scrabble. These activities will be complemented by educational and instructional sessions on life-skills and mentorship, food and nutrition, drug and substance abuse counselling, environmental awareness, and personal grooming and hygiene.