"Nations of Their Own" Documentary


We are so thrilled and proud to announce our collaboration with We Animals Media (founded by Jo-Anne McArthur who also happens to be one of our ambassadors!) on a feature-length documentary entitled “Nations of Their Own” which addresses the long-debated question of how a movement can fight for animal rights amidst an era of increasingly vulnerable human rights. In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, there exists a small number of Palestinians who have chosen to devote their lives to animals, each struggling against an overwhelming political and cultural climate which begs them to abandon their work and focus instead on the real issues of their own human liberation. In choosing a country home to one of the most well-known human conflicts of our time, filmmaker Kelly Guerin is able to explore the intimate and often complicated connection between animal and human rights and, ultimately, witness the profound beauty that can occur when the two come together. The documentary is currently in post-production which is expected to be completed in 2020. We cannot wait for this truly original perspective on the deep relationship between humans and animals to be released!