Empowering Youth with a Community Orchard


We are working in collaboration with the Bukura Community Orchard in Western Kenya to help reduce the high number of unemployed youths in local communities. To prevent young boys and girls from engaging in illegal activities like petty theft, drug use and prostitution, they will be trained on fruit tree growing, entrepreneurship and environmental conservation. The goal is to reach around 200 youngsters and plant up to 5,000 mango, avocado and other fruit trees. The youth involved in the project will be completely responsible for harvesting and selling the fruit. In order to ensure the sustainability of the orchard, every beneficiary will pay a small percentage of their profits to a general fund which will help support the purchase of additional seedlings for the vulnerable young girls and boys who wish to join the project in the future. In addition to helping eradicate poverty and reduce crime, the hope is that this partnership will lead to the creation of more green jobs and small businesses as well.