Health, Violence and Economic Empowerment


The Young Ladies Club in Kenya is focused on increasing access to safe and quality reproductive health and on providing economic opportunities for women living in the Korogocho slums of Nairobi. We are proud to be supporting an existing program working on making quality health care a reality for this impoverished community. 70% of the population consists of women who need help with reproductive health and gender-based violence. Many young vulnerable women are despised by men in the community and are physically assaulted and sexually abused. An in-depth course on reproductive health and gender-based violence will be offered to both young women and young men in this community and radio talk shows will be aired regularly to spread awareness about these issues. In addition, since 60% of women are less educated than men and economically disempowered, a detailed course on life skills, career selection and entrepreneurship will be offered to vulnerable women and support will be provided to help them to launch their own ventures.