Providing Safe Water and Sanitation


We are providing our support to the Uganda Volunteers Foundation to implement and carry out activities that will lead to access to safe water and basic sanitation in the rural communities of Wakiso District in Central Uganda, where the water access rate stands at an average of 35%. Various water collection points such as tanks, springs, wells and pumps will be built, as well as pit latrines in rural schools and remote communities. Healthy personal hygiene and sanitation practices will be taught in the targeted rural villages and community-based water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) ambassadors will be trained to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the project. There is also hope that this new infrastructure will lead to the development of various micro-enterprises around sanitation and hygiene and help promote a number of income-generating activities such as clay brick-making and agriculture, in an area where unemployment stands at a staggering 67%!