Agro-Resistance & Food Sovereignty

 Draguitsa Alafandi attends to her rooftop garden where she plants fruits and vegetables in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine. © Craig Redmond / Baladi - Rooted Resistance

“Baladi – Rooted Resistance” is a series of stories about agro-resistance in Palestine created by an international team of photojournalists and a vegan writer and chef. With the help of our funding, the team will start producing the next series of stories, highlighting Palestinians resisting the occupation of their territories with seeds, wild foraged plants and homegrown vegetables, as well as Palestinians who believe food politics and food sovereignty intersect with the struggle for self-determination and freedom. The Arab word ‘Baladi’ is translated as ‘local’ and comes from ‘balad’ (‘the country’) and represents the connection with the land where the food was grown. The resistance is rooted because, for Palestinians, simply being there rooted to their own land, is already an act of resistance. The aim is to create a multi-media web project, combining photos, text and videos showcasing stories of hope, determination and resistance, and to produce a variety of content to draw attention to and gather support for agro-resistance projects in Palestine.