Application Process

Step 1

Answer the short questions on the Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire. If your request aligns with our mission and core values, you will be redirected to our Grant Application questionnaire which you must then complete and submit. Our initial review will take up to 4 weeks. If we have any questions or require additional information, we will follow up with you. If your grant is declined, we will let you know at this time. NOTE: PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU APPLY AT LEAST 2 TO 3 MONTHS PRIOR TO THE START DATE OF YOUR EVENT/PROJECT. OTHERWISE YOUR APPLICATION MAY BE DENIED.


Step 2

Based on any additional documentation we require and answers to follow-up questions, we will finish our thorough review of your application - this will take an additional 2 to 4 weeks. The quicker we get responses from you, the quicker we can make decisions. At the end of this stage, you will be informed of our final decision.


Step 3

Once the grant is awarded, we will send you our standard Grant Agreement contract which contains all the terms and conditions relating to the grant. After the contract is signed and sent back to us, we will arrange for the grant funds to be transferred to you ONLY by bank wire transfer to a verified bank account.


Step 4

A short narrative and financial Progress Report will be due every 6 months until the project is complete, at which time a Final Progress Report will be due.